Installation of Lan-Cache


  • Ubuntu 18.04, should work on 16.04 aswell
  • Static IP
  • 20 Available ip addresses next to the primary ip address
  • git

this installation will use 20 IP Addresses, starting from the ip address the server has and requires that the ip address is an static ip. example, server has, the installation will use ip addresses from 192.168.200 to

make sure that these ip addresses are not used by some other device on the network

Download url for Ubuntu 18.04.1 Server

Clone the git repo

apt-get isntall git

git clone -b master

cd lancache-installer

Edit parameters before installation


Changeable variables, leaving the defaults is fine
 File path for lancache
 Primary DNS Server
 Secondary DNS Server
 Proxy cache size, measued in Megabytes (MB). Default is 500GB

Run scripts with sudo

sudo ./

To access netdata open broswer and navigate to http://your-primary-ip:19999

Traffic Monitoring on CLI

Monitor through nload
apt-get install nload -y
nload -U G -u m -i 1024000 -o 1024000 (shows bandwith in Mbit/s, scales graph to 1 Gbit/s)
Monitor network usage through iftop
apt-get install iftop -y
iftop -i eth0
(Instead of eth0 just use your physical interface)

DNS Settings for clients

Clients needs to have the Cache server as DNS server in order to redirect traffic through the cache server

there might be some additional dns records required to cache all traffice, if your service provider for example have their own Steam Cache

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