Cisco IOS – Etherchannel

Etherchannel Modes

Etherchannel ModeDescription
PAgPCisco Proprietary Protocol
LACPOpen Standard used by most Vendors
ONForced to form Etherchannel without using negotiation protocol

More Details about specific mode

AutoPAgPEnable PAgP only if a PAgP device is detected, interface will to respond to PAgP negotiation packets, but the interface will start negotiations on its own
DesirablePAgPEnable PAgP unconditionally, the interface will actively attemt to negotiate a PAgP connection
onEtherchannelEnable Etherchannel only, forces the connection to bring all links up without using a protocol to negotiate connections. This mode can only connect to another device that also is set to same mode (ON). When using this mode, the switch does note negotiate the link using either PAgP or LACP
ActiveLACPEnable LACP unconditionally, the interface will actively attempt to negotiate connection with other LACP Devices
PassiveLACP Enable LACP only if a LACP device is detected. Interface will respond to LACP data if it revices negotiation request from other systems

Config Example


  • Switch1> enable
  • Switch1# configure terminal
  • Switch1(config)# interface range fasttethernet0/1 – 2
  • Switch1(config-if-range)# switchport mode access
  • Switch1(config-if-range)# switchport access vlan 10
  • Switch1(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode desirable
  • Switch1(config-if-range)# end


  • Switch2> enable
  • Switch2# configure terminal
  • Switch2(config)# interface range fasttethernet0/1 – 2
  • Switch2(config-if-range)# switchport mode access
  • Switch2(config-if-range)# switchport access vlan 10
  • Switch2(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode auto
  • Switch2(config-if-range)# end

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