VMware Esxi Host Certificate (LetsEncrypt)

VMware Hostname

Networking -> TCP/IP Stack -> Default TCP/IP Stack and edit settings
Change hostname and domain name.

Genereate CSR from vmware

Manage -> Secyrity & Users -> Import New Certificate
Generate FQDN Signing Request
Copy to clipboard and save it a text document


Certificate is created for the vmware esxi host with LetsEncrypt by using following command, here you will the txt file (Signing Request) created before. in my case I saved the info to a file called CSR.txt

certbot -csr CSR.txt --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly

and follow the prompt, you will need access to create txt records on your domain.

look through the important notes after completion of the certificate, it will tell you where the certificate is located

Import Certificate

go bact to the same window where you generated the FQDN Signing Request and paste the content from the Chain pem file that you got when running the certbot command

Pres import
Refresh , and Subject should now say CN=host.yourdomain.tld

1 Comment on “VMware Esxi Host Certificate (LetsEncrypt)

  1. Thank you for the ariticle. I was able to generate a cert and import on my
    home server.
    The command line needs a tweak
    certbot -csr CSR.txt –manual –preferred-challenges dns certonly
    csr needs –csr
    1 Spelling errors: Genereate CSR from vmware (Generate)
    2. Manage -> Secyrity & Users -> Import New Certificate (Security)
    Again, thank you again, I’ve been trying to figure this out for months.

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